Department of Business Administration Technologies

About the department:

The Department of Business Administration aims to provide students with the knowledge necessary to keep pace with the continuous changes in the modern business environment, so that students acquire the analytical skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the competitive environment and provide a scientific environment that stimulates specialization in the field of business administration.

Department Message:

Preparing accepted students with the knowledge skills and specializations required in the field of various business management sciences and techniques in order to meet the needs of the labor market and obtain appropriate opportunities for them at the level of state departments and private sector institutions.

الكلية التقنية الحويجة

Department goal:

1-Granting accepted students a bachelor’s degree in business administration.
2-Providing the student with skills to practice the management profession and use information techniques   and quantitative methods in the field of business administration.
3-Developing students’ creative and innovative thinking skills to help them make administrative decisions in a sound scientific manner.
4-Follow up on students’ affairs, support them, and maintain their continuation of studies.
Providing an appropriate academic environment for teaching and learning.

Academic programme

Program goal:-

The primary goal is to prepare specialized technical (administrative) staff to serve the various banking and production sectors, and to contribute to the development of society by working in the areas of banking accounting according to a high-level technical path with regard to business, administrative, financial, legal, and other matters by contributing to the preparation of future programs and plans.

Type and period of study:-

The Bachelor of Banking and Finance Management Techniques extends for four academic years and the subjects are given during two semesters each year.

Study environment and course evaluation:

The program will be taught in Arabic and English on campus, and courses and a list of suggested readings will be provided to help students know the basic concepts of business management techniques, as there are exams for each course, mid-semester exams, and project papers, in addition to the final exam, which usually takes place at the end of the year. Scholarship.

Graduation requirements:-

The student is required to successfully complete (47) academic and research subjects in addition to (157) credit units.

Curricula for the Department of Business Administration Technologies