Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division

            The Division seeks to build an effective quality assurance system in the college, spread a culture of quality and accreditation among all college employees, and establish a culture of self-evaluation, development, and continuous improvement of the college’s performance based on the college’s mission and based on the quality assurance standards that have been adopted in this regard. Due to the importance of the department’s role in the college, it is directly linked to the dean of the college.

شعبة ضمان الجودة في الكلية التقنية الحويجة

The vision:

    Applying integrated systems to ensure the quality of education, scientific research, community service, and enhancing capabilities for continuous improvement, which enables it to be one of the most important institutions of higher education locally, regionally, and internationally.


    The Quality Assurance and University Performance Division leads the process of establishing standards to ensure quality and continuous development in educational and research programs that meet the needs of society and the labor market locally, regionally and internationally.


  • Spreading a culture of quality to achieve the center’s vision, mission and goals.
  • Strengthening the building and support of the internal capabilities of the center’s departments to undertake self-evaluation in accordance with the standards of the National Authority for Educational Quality Assurance and Accreditation.
  • Raising the level of community satisfaction with the outputs of the work system, research, and professional and community services that are consistent with national, regional, and international standards.
  • Enhancing capacity building for all groups at the center in the field of quality assurance systems and mechanisms.
  • Diagnosing the obstacles facing performance development at all levels, conducting analytical studies, and proposing appropriate solutions and plans for improvement in various fields.
  • Working to provide infrastructure for incubators of cognitive and intellectual creativity and innovation.
  • Striving to achieve a role model in ensuring quality and university performance at the center.
  • Seeking to conclude a twinning agreement with one of the reputable universities.
  • Initiate an audit of what has been accomplished and what remains, and identify the obstacles that hinder the implementation of the main axes of obtaining accreditation according to the standards of the Iraqi Guide as well as the accreditation standards of the Association of Arab Universities.

Files and forms related to the division

Institutional accreditation standards

To obtain institutional accreditation for any educational institution, it must possess the following basic components:

  1. The presence of an institutional vision and mission.

  2. Possessing appropriate sources, resources, and foundational structure to achieve the educational mission and objectives.

  3. The existence of a system for documenting students’ work related to educational goals, and evidence that the institution is achieving its goals.

Quality standards in education

Quality of materials, prescribed curricula, and scientific curricula.

  • The quality of all public facilities of the educational institution, especially its infrastructure.

  • Level and results of educational attainment.

  • Continuous development and improvement.