Hawija Technical College Council

Hawija Technical College was established in 2023

مجاس الكلية التقنية الحويجة

First: – The Board of Directors consists of the selves


Assist. Prof .Dr. Ahmed  Abdullah Danouk

Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs

Lecturer. Dr. Mohammed Hussein Gharbi

Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Students

Assist Prof. Raed Waadallah Dawood

Head of Business Administration Technologies

Assist. Prof. Basir Khalaf Khazal

Head of Banking and Finance Management Techniques

Dr. Wissam Sami Jabbar

Head of Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division

Assist. Prof. Dr Jalal Sahib Ajaj

Second: – The main objectives of the college

         The main objective of the college is to prepare specialized technical (administrative) cadres to serve the various service and productive sectors, and to contribute to the development of society by working in  administrative fields according to a high-level technical path in terms of business, administrative, financial, legal and other  matters by contributing to the preparation of programs and strategic future plans and achieving the following goals:

1.     Adapt to the changing needs of students and organizations, and continue to offer education-focused curricula and materials.

2.     Preparing qualified scientific and practical cadres capable of dealing with modern technologies and in line with the changes in the labor market.

3.     Providing and maintaining technical facilities, equipment and services as a necessity to support a creative educational environment and keep pace with developments.

4.     Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the college as part of the strategic planning process, and as a basis for the continuous improvement of the college.

5.     Provide curricula and study resources that provide students with the opportunity to maximize their potential in the lifelong learning process.

6.     Provide technical and advanced curricula and study resources that prepare students for employment in ever-changing job locations.

7.     Provide opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills by participating in student activities and organizations.

8.     Establish positive relationships with various parties appointed outside the college.

9.     He established distinguished relationships with other colleges , and cooperation agreements that increase opportunities and maximize resources.


10. Make organizational structures support communication, participation in decision-making , programs and services and prepare students to enter and adapt to the fields of technical professions.

          Administrative departments in the college

Department of Banking and Finance Management

Department of Business Administration Technologies

      The department works to prepare qualified cadres in the field of business administration, who are able to keep pace with the development in administrative sciences and contribute to raising the level of total quality in organizations. It also provides students with theoretical and applied knowledge of business administration to match the various needs of different types of business organizations in the local and regional environments.

Department of Banking and Finance Management Techniques

      The Department of Finance and Banking aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge to keep pace with the continuous changes in the modern business environment, so that students acquire the analytical skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the competitive environment and provide a stimulating scientific environment to specialize in the field of finance and banking.