About the college:

Hawija Technical College was established in 2023, with the blessed efforts of the President of the Northern Technical University, Dr. Alia Abbas Al-Attar. It is one of the formations of the Northern Technical University. The college aims to graduate qualified and distinguished cadres in the administrative and technical fields.

الكلية التقنية الحويجة

Vision, mission and goals:

.Every educational institution has a future vision and goals that it works actively to achieve and based on the plans it draws to proceed according to the educational curriculum that meets all the goals of the institution through a message it sends to the external environment.

The vision:

The vision is to be a technical college that leads to innovation and provides high-quality educational programs and services within future foundations that are in line with modern developments in various specializations.

The message:

To be an administrative technical college, an innovative leader in providing high-quality educational programs and services, in a highly competitive and highly technical scientific environment. It looks forward in the future to the multiplicity of technical and technical specializations in the college and to have an academic character built on excellence and progress.:

Values: The college seeks to achieve the following values:

  • Scientific value: working to spread knowledge and develop understanding and critical thinking to help expand individuals’ horizons, understand the world around them, and achieve progress and innovation.

  • Economic value: the ability to improve job opportunities and increase income, which enables individuals to obtain skills and knowledge that qualify them to participate in the labor market and achieve professional success.

  • Social value: enhancing communication and social interaction to contribute to building interconnected and sustainable communities.

  • Cultural value: Contributing to preserving cultural heritage and promoting cultural diversity. This helps individuals understand and respect different cultures and promotes cultural dialogue and positive interaction between different cultures.

  • Personal value: Working to develop individual capabilities and achieve personal growth, which helps in forming identity, enhancing self-confidence, and learning life skills such as critical thinking, solving problems, and making the right decisions.


The primary goal of the college is to prepare specialized technical (administrative) cadres to serve the various service and production sectors, and to contribute to the development of society by working in administrative fields according to a high-level technical path with regard to business, administrative, financial, legal, and other matters by contributing to the preparation of strategic future programs and plans. Achieving the following goals:

Adapting to the changing needs of students and organizations, and continuing to offer curricula and study materials focused on education for the sake of qualification. Preparing qualified scientific and practical personnel capable of dealing with modern technologies and in a way that is compatible with the changes taking place in the labor market. Providing facilities, equipment and technical services and preserving them as a necessity to support the environment. Innovative teaching and keeping pace with developments. Constantly evaluating the college’s effectiveness as part of the strategic planning process and as a basis for continuous improvement of the college. Providing curricula and study materials that provide students with the opportunity to maximize their potential in the lifelong learning process. Providing advanced technical curricula and study materials that prepare students for employment in constantly changing work sites. Providing opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills by participating in student activities and organizations. Establishing positive relationships with various stakeholders outside the college. Establishing distinguished relationships with other colleges and cooperation agreements that increase opportunities and maximize resources. Making organizational structures support communications and participation in decision-making, programs, and services. Preparing students to enter and adapt to the fields of technical professions

 1.Scientific departments 

                                                 -Department of Business Administration Technologies

                                                -Department of Banking Management Technologies 

2.Members of the College Council 




Dean of the College

Assoc. Prof.D. Ahmed
Abdullah Danouk


Assistant Dean for
Scientific and Student Affairs

A.Prof. Raed and
Adallah Dawoud


Assistant Dean for
Financial and Administrative Affairs

Assoc.D. .Mohamed
Hussein Gharbi


Head of the
Business Administration Technologies Department

Assos.Prof.D. Basir
Khalaf Khazaal


Head of the
Department of Banking and Finance Management Technologies

Assos.D. wisam sami jabaar



Responsible for the
Quality Assurance and University Performance Division

Assos.Prof.D. . sahib jalal eujaaj